Who is Don McCaleb?

Don is gaining recognition as a poet with an original voice and a powerful message. When he's not writing rhymes, he is the Creaative Director at Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs, CO. The church reaches more than 6,000 people weekly and has earned a reputation for inspired creativity, theological depth and serving those in need.

Don possesses the unique ability to engage jaded church-goers and stir questions in those just beginning to explore faith. The penetrating insight in his writing connects with deep-thinkers while the passion and heart behind the words make his message accessible to everyone.

Don moved to Colorado after spending most of his life on the California coast. He enjoys playing music, directing videos and hiking and biking in the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains. He's married with two beautiful daughters. His wife's name is Dawn, which is awesome and strange. Their dog's name is Banksy, which is just awesome.

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Email mccaleb.d@gmail.com to hit Don up about why his poems don't rhyme (or why they rhyme too much), or to have him deliver a poem live at your church or event. He's also stoked to have you share a poem via video, to write a poem for your cause, or to lead workshops on writing poetry, or bringing creativity into worship. You can keep up with Don's latest poetry adventures on facebook at www.facebook.com/donmccalebpoems