Writer and director: Don McCaleb
Director of Photography and Editor: Jim Kallemeyn
Additional videographers: Wes Broadhurst, Skylar Ogren

Light Hymn

You said, “Let there be  light.”              
And it was so,     and it was good.          
You spoke    and at your word     from nothing it came into being.
Dark torn apart   from the start    by the radiance of your light.

This sovereign Light   that blazes    bright,   
so that the hottest sun is but a flickering candle in the shade    of your glory. 
This Light that graphs out galaxies and composes constellations,
this mystery spanning eternity,
yet current, conducting the stars celestial symphony.

And yet, this very same     Light serenades     the souls of us prodigals.
Calls us, draw us back home.
Searches us out,    welcomes us in,   envelopes and embraces us,
does this Light.                                       

You created   us    from dust     to cradle     your light in us,
to reflect the main attraction   of your love     in the mess
of this shadow-shamed    world. But we confess      
that in our search for satisfaction
We tried to twist the script, flip the switch     and started a chain reaction.
Generation upon generation, your creation,   turned our backs      on Your illumination.

And now we need a second chance,    cuz we don’t understand   
how we became secondhand   darkroom   builders  
Instagram filter  masqueraders  whitewashed tomb   decorators.
We are Pharisees    with kerosene       writing your eulogy  and kindling
our own   black-hole   fire    funeral pyres.                           
In our pride   we fight   to light    our own way,    by our own will   
we set the night    aflame
but it only leaves us darker, colder still.        

But then...
the Light-Giver, dived deep below  history’s river,

reversing the course of the curse  of gravity,
this undertow   of entropy    that was drowning humanity.
This divine   Light    awakened behind    the gleaming eyes   
of a powerless peasant boy in Bethlehem.                
This King of Light   put on skin   and locked himself in
to this carbon-shell jail cell.
And he was chained    so we could be   free.
He was betrayed   so we could belong.
He was slain       so we could believe.                          
He was laid   in a tomb    to roll our stones away,
so we can say,    “Hello   L-O   V-E.”
His grave      was empty so that we could be    forgiven and filled
with His spirit and raised     to reign     with Him forever,  in the light of his grace.

So as we gather today, would You emerge us from the blackness of the eclipse
to once again display the light for which You formed us? 
As your creation responds to your revelation,
hear our words and our hearts testifying
to You, the spark-flying, hope-shining, love-igniting   Light.
Let this congregation find voice to worship the radiant three-in-one,
whose name is love,
who rises in our lives   like the victorious Sun
overcoming the horizon to redeem the night.                               
Father God, our light. Holy Ghost, our light. Christ, our light.