Long-Lasting Words

"Yesterday he was chatting with his peanut butter and jelly sandwich,"

I was cautioned as I walked in to meet to meet the 84-year-old, retired missionary in rural China. He was deep in the grip of Alzheimer's disease.

China Bycicle 8x10.jpg

We chatted for 30 minutes, and although most of the conversation was confused and disjointed, there were two moments that stood out. When he sang a hymn, he faithfully recalled each word and note, and the look of rapture on his face was unforgettable. When he prayed for me, his words were lucid, thoughtful and powerful.

These were moments of clarity for me, too. I was struck by the lasting impact of our songs and prayers. These words of eternity can remain, rooted deep in hearts and minds, even when other thoughts flee. My prayer today is that as worshipers, creatives and leaders, we will be faithful shepherds and messengers of songs and words that bring life.